Web Browsers Comparison

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If you like Firefox switch to LibreWolf, if you like Chrome switch to Ungoogled Chromium, if you want something minimal with Vim keybinds use qutebrowser

The Spyware score was retrieved from the website Spyware Watchdog. I highly recommend checking it out!

NameAnti-privacy featuresDefault search engineCodeAdditional featuresChromium basedSummarySpyware score
Mozilla FirefoxTelemetry and phoning home is enabled by default however it can be disabled via about:config. Firefox accounts which lets you sync all your Firefox data across all devices, this can be completely disabled via about:config.GoogleMPL-2.0Tracker blockingNoIts fine if you disable all the spyware via about:config but most people should just avoid Firefox.High
None if Mitigated
Mitigation Guide
Google ChromeTelemetry, phoning home and additional spyware features are enabled by default and it can't be disabled. Made by one of the biggest tech companies for the cattle for massive data collection.GoogleProprietary-YesAVOID AT ALL COST!!!EXTREMELY HIGH
Microsoft EdgeTelemetry, phoning home and additional spyware features are enabled by default and it can't be disabled. Microsoft's horrible Chromium based spyware.BingProprietary-YesAvoid at all costEXTREMELY HIGH
Opera / Opera GXSponsored multiple YouTubers and websites to shill their spyware. Telemetry, phoning home and additional spyware features are enabled by default and it can't be disabled. Owned by a Chinese consortium since 2016 (Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I Limited Partnership). Had a shady past.GoogleProprietaryFree Opera VPN which is probably used to harvest user dataYesChinese spyware, avoidEXTREMELY HIGH
BraveMakes requests on startup. They had a "bug" in the past that leakead IPs of those who used the built in Tor window. They did URL injection in the past to earn money via referral programs.Brave SearchMPL-2.0Tracker and ad blocking, built in Tor windowYesAvoid itHigh
Tor BrowserIt sends requests to torproject.org and to Mozilla when you start it, however these requests can be disabled.DuckDuckGoBSD 3-clauseYour identity is hidden thanks to the Tor network. You can change the browsing mode and the safest disables JavaScript, heavily blocks cookies, disables canvas and gives you additional privacy featuresNoRecommended, just don't use DuckDuckGoLow
None if Mitigated
Mitigation Guide
qutebrowserNoneDuckDuckGoGPL-3.0Ad blocking (not advanced), uses Vim keybindsYesRecommended, just don't use DuckDuckGoNone
LibreWolfIt makes a few requests on startup, however these can be disabled.DuckDuckGoMPL-2.0Disables multiple privacy concerning features and has ad block (uBlock Origin)NoRecommended, just don't use DuckDuckGoLow
Ungoogled ChromiumNoneNone, you have to set one yourselfBSD 3-clause-YesRecommendedNone
GNU IcecatNoneDuckDuckGoMPL-2.0 / GPL-3.0It has multiple privacy respecting addons (e.g.: LibreJS) and features.NoRecommended, just don't use DuckDuckGo and make sure that you use an up-to-date build. GNU Guix has recent binaries.None