Instant Messaging Services Comparison

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If you want something modern with multimedia, screenshare, VC and encryption use Matrix with the Element client, if you don’t like electron use nheko

NameDecentralizedFederatedClientBackendEnd-to-end encryptionSummary
DiscordNoNoProprietary (use their web app if you are forced to use it)ProprietaryNoIf you sing up from TOR it will ask you for your mobile number. Spyware for the cattle, avoid it at all cost.
Facebook MessengerNoNoProprietary (use their web app if you are forced to use it)ProprietaryNoMade by Facebook, avoid it at all cost.
WhatsAppNoNoProprietaryProprietaryThey claim it's end-to-end encryptedMade by Facebook, avoid it at all cost.
TelegramNoNoGPL-2.0 / GPL-3.0 and moreProprietaryThey claim it's end-to-end encryptedAvoid it
SignalNoNoAGPL-3.0 / GPL-3.0AGPL-3.0YesRecommended
MatrixYesYesManyManyYesRecommended but avoid using the homeserver
GNU JamiYesNoGPL-3.0It's P2PYesRecommended